About Us

Devlin Wholesale was founded by Michael Devlin more than twenty five years ago.

Set up originally for the purpose of carrying on a largely wholesale operation, the company soon turned its focus of attention to retailing.

At present Devlin Wholesale retails from five large warehouse/showrooms across the Midlands of England offering a truly outstanding collection of flooring and household furniture.

The Devlin Wholesale story, if not unique, is enchanting. Using a unique mixture of adventurous spirit, intuition and business acumen, Michael Devlin is fulfilling a dream.

He and his six agreeable sons work together in total harmony, together with loyal staff, they run their business on an important set of shared values.

On 5 October 2018 the Community presented Michael Devlin, founder and president of the group, with a prestigious ‘lifetime achievement award’.

This award by the community is testimony to the respect that Michael and his company has earned through providing good customer experience.

It also lends recognition to the fact that Devlin Wholesale is propelled forward by strong family dynamics and an understanding of shared responsibilities.

At all times the ultimate goal is customer satisfaction and Devlin Wholesale remain to be a highly respected business offering what is arguably, THE BEST VALUE FLOORING AND FURNITURE IN BRITAIN.